Web Page + League & Tournament Management

50$ per year
  • Dedicated web page for your Club or Assocation with name, logo, address and Google map
  • Create and manage unlimited tournaments and leagues online
  • You get featured on the Find Your Tennis home page
  • Showcase your sponsors with pictures and links
  • Unlimited player invites
  • Unlimited emails and SMS to communicate with your players
  • Unlimited administrators
  • SEO optimized
  • Mobile optimized

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Post offers and player profiles

  • As a player post offers to find a partner
  • As a player have your own player profile page with picture and match history
  • As a player track your matches with other partners
  • As a coach post offers to offer your services
  • As a league administrateur post offers to find players or promote your leagues and tournaments

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"Before I used Google Sheets to manage this Inter-Club league. It was difficult. I've been using Find Your Tennis since 2013 and it has saved me hours of work. Find Your Tennis automates everything."

Pierre Vézina, Tennis Veterans Interclub Montréal

"We have been using Find Your Tennis to run our league for the past 3 seasons. It allows players to track their own score directly from their smartphones. A lot less work for us administrators."

Jonathan Pion, Tennis Deux-Montagnes


Web Page + League & Tournament Management

Your personalized Tennis Club or Association Home Page has everything required for you and your members in one place. Includes:

  • Message Board: Post news and messages for your players to see and respond to. Get a conversation going.
  • Members List: Manage the list of members for your club or association. Send them messages by email.
  • Administrators: Manage who can post messages and manage leagues and tournaments.
  • Tournaments and Leagues: Create and access them directly from your home page.

Look at an existing club to get a feel.

Find Your Tennis - Web Page + League & Tournament Management

Manage a League

Find Your Tennis is a powerful yet simple online application for managing your league. You can manage rounds, categories, leaderboards and matches. League types that we support are:

  • Fixed categories: Players are placed into categories and remain there throughout the duration of the league. Categories can then be broken into rounds (i.e. Men A1, Men A2, etc.)
  • Promotion and relegation: Players change categories after each round (i.e. they move up or move down.)
  • Inter-club: Clubs compete against each other. Each club assembles a team of players and names a captain in charge of setting up matches and keeping score.

Checkout our videos section or look at an existing league to see leagues in action.

Find Your Tennis - Manage a League

Manage Tournaments

Manage single elimination tournaments with Find Your Tennis. Break your players in categories, and create the first rounds. Find Your Tennis will help you create subsequent rounds. Even see and print brackets that fit on a page.

Capture match results online directly from your computer or iPad. You can also use your own pointing system. Find Your Tennis will automatically build your leaderboard based on captured results.

Look at a Singles Tournament, a Doubles Tournament and a bracket to get a feel.

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Find Your Tennis - Manage Tournaments

Every player has a profile

Each player gets their own page containing their profile with picture, playing level and statistics based on matches they played.

  • Consult matches a player has played and learn about his/her performance against other players.
  • As a player you have a contacts list of your playing partners. Send them messages and challenge them to a game.

See the list of most active players on Find Your Tennis to get a feel.

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Find Your Tennis - Every player has a profile