Frequently Asked Questions

What can Find Your Tennis do for tennis clubs, facilities leagues and associations?

Find Your Tennis, or FYT, is a host site that tennis clubs, facilities, leagues and associations can use to create and manage their tournaments, ladders and day-to-day activities.

FYT is also useful to maximize the occupancy rate of your tennis courts by advertising court availabilities to FYT members and tennis community, or to market and promote your facilities and services.

A dedicated page can be created on FYT for your organization. Please contact us at or 514-400-9242 for more information.

FYT enables you to create and manage offers directly on the court from your smart phone or tablet.

What can Find Your Tennis do for tennis players?

FYT is a social platform where tennis players can network, find tennis partners, set up matches, join leagues and tournaments, etc. Membership is free.

Members can find or create offers for matches, practice, replacement players, tennis partners, vacant courts, last-minute needs, etc. They can start building their tennis network as soon as they sign up. FYT members have access to a pool of other FYT members to fulfill all their tennis needs.

Once you’ve signed up, you can create your personal profile. This page will show your tennis pedigree and will evolve along with whatever playing history you add to it (match scores, tournament scores, league participations, etc.) Statistics will be generated and archived for you.

How can FYT benefit tennis facilities?

You can maximize your court usage by posting offers. These can be for vacant courts, replacement players, tournaments, etc. FYT is ideal for last minute offers: we'll help you fill your cancellations, and we'll help players find your last minute offers.

In addition, we can offer you a dedicated page with offers from your facility. On this page you can have links and information about your facility. Please contact us at for more information.

If, as a manager, you aren't in front of your computer all the time, FYT is available as a mobile application so you can create and manage offers from your smart phone or tablet.

I signed up as an FYT member. Where can I find my tennis profile and history?

Simply click on See my profile next to your profile picture on the main page. This will bring you to your profile page where you will find all your match history, leagues and tournament played you played in as well as your ranking. Your page will also include any offers you created. From your page, you can also access your playing partners' profiles.

More information will be available in the near future, such as your preferred brand of racket and shoes, whether you’re left- or right-handed, etc.

How do I become a member and what does it cost?

Simply sign up. Membership is totally free. When you take an offer, there may be a court fee or some other cost to pay: all costs are clearly identified in the offers. These costs are payable to the person or facility who made the offer. FYT does not handle payments.

I want to create an offer. How does it work?

Go to the Create an Offer page and choose the type of offer you want to create. Fill in the appropriate information. You will then be able to review and confirm it.

Once created, an offer becomes public for anyone to see, however only FYT members can take an offer. When a member takes an offer, they are put in a pending queue. You will receive an email and/or SMS to confirm or decline them. If you confirm the taker, they fall in a confirmed queue. Depending on your offer, you can have one or many confirmed players. It's up to you!

Only you, as the creator of an offer, can confirm the taker. You retain control over who is allowed to take your offer. You can delete an offer at any time, even if people have already been confirmed. FYT will notify them of any change.

I want to take an offer. What will happen?

When you take an offer, you fall in a pending queue. An email and/or SMS is sent to the creator of the offer for their confirmation. When they confirm, you are put in a confirmed queue. If they decline, you will be removed from the pending queue. In both cases, you will be notified by email and/or SMS.

You can cancel your taking of the offer at any time, even if you are already confirmed. FYT will notify the creator.

What type of offers can I post?

Offers on FYT must be tennis-related and involve an event and/or a venue. The following types of offer are currently supported:

  • Looking for partner: Add new playing partners and start building your tennis network.
  • League: Create and manage a tennis league. Contact FYT at or 514-400-9242 so we can tailor a page specifically to your league’s needs.
  • Tournament: Create and manage a tournament. Contact FYT at or 514-400-9242 so we can tailor a page specifically to your tournament’s needs.
  • Lessons: If you are a tennis coach, you can post your profile, availability and prices on FYT.
  • Looking for replacements: Post your need for a replacement player for a singles match, doubles match, tournament or league.
  • Singles match: Post your need for a player to play a singles match with.
  • Doubles match: Post your need for a player or players to play a doubles match with.
  • Vacant court: Find someone to book your vacant court. (i.e., you have a last-minute court cancellation and want to find other players to take it.)

You cannot post offers relating to merchandise or services (other than coaching) on FYT.

I already have a few tennis partners. Can I invite them to join FYT?

Of course! Simply click on the Invite a friend link on the main page. You can also click on the [+] button under in your partners list on dashboard. Finally, you can also click on the Add a partner link in the My partners section, and we'll send them a message on your behalf, inviting them to join FYT for free.

How do I challenge a partner?

You first need to select one of your tennis partners by clicking their picture on the main page (dashboard). You can also click on My partners on the main page to access your list of partners, then choose whom you wish to challenge. Once you’re on your chosen partner’s profile, click the Challenge button to send your partner a playing challenge or a match score. You can even write notes about your match!

I keep trying to log in but I get an "invalid email or password" message. What gives?

Do you already have an FYT account? If not, you need to sign up before you can log in. If you do have an account and still get the error message, you may have typed your email or password incorrectly. You can reset your password by going to the Forgot my Password page.

How safe is it for me to share personal information on FYT?

FYT makes every effort to ensure that the contents of its site are, and remain, safe.

The personal information you include in your profile, such as your email address and cell phone number, will only be accessible to the tennis partners you choose to share this information with.

FYT will never divulge your information to third parties. We at FYT hate spam and junk mail as much as you do, so rest assured that we will not spam you.

For more information, please review our Privacy Policy.

How do I find a tennis partner on FYT?

It's easy as pie. Click on the Partner link and you'll get a list of people looking for partners. You can also create an offer yourself, and customize it to your specific needs.

My tennis partner cancelled our scheduled match. How can FYT help?

Fear not. If your partner has cancelled, you can create a Player Wanted offer. Your offer will be available to the entire FYT network, and you will also be able to send it to your own network of tennis partners.

I'm in charge of organizing leagues and tournaments in my community. Can I use FYT to post information and find players?

Of course! Once logged in, you can create a League or Tournament offer. You will then be able to provide players with all the details they need, such as the dates and times, any applicable fees and venue information.

Your offer will be available to the entire FYT network, and you will also be able to send it to your own network of tennis partners.

Why do I need to provide personal information such as my email address and phone numbers?

FYT does not divulge your personal information to anyone without your consent.

FYT is a communication tool. When you take an offer, FYT needs to reach you either by email or by SMS (text message) or both. All confirmations and related information will be sent to you by email or SMS based on your choosing.

In addition, your partners may need to contact you by phone. When you take an offer, FYT makes your phone number, cellular phone number and email address available to the creator of that offer.

You can remove or change your personal information at any time by going to your Profile page. Once changed, that information is removed from the system and is no longer available to your partners.

Can I use FYT to send out tennis-related information to my own network of tennis partners?

Yes indeed. You can send messages to any or all of your tennis partners through FYT.

Can I find tennis courts, leagues and association on FYT?

Absolutely! We have an ever evolving list of tennis courts, leagues and association across the great province of Quebec. Simply click on Tennis Courts tab and chose what you are looking for. This is a great tool to organise your tennis matches.